We design and develop Websites,Applications,Mobile Solutions, and more

We, at Alastrine build smart solutions for healthcare, financial services, hospitality, graphic, media & entertainment industries.
We develop industry-defining applications, helping clients optimize time-to-market and minimize software development risks in mission-critical systems. If you are looking for a firm that undertakes offshore software development services and provides high quality technical support to clients through the whole development process, utilising cost-effective methods; you are at the right place. We can tailor a custom-made software/hardware solution to help you accomplish your business objectives.


We believe in creating an opportunity for our prestigious clients. The solutions we build are engineered to perfection by our experts who have the best analytical and software engineering skills. Our experts offer much more than what you desire. We perform extensive research on your business model & propose the optimum software package to suit your needs & maximise your profits in terms of time & labour.


We strive to meet given milestones. All documents are produced before beginning the development. We believe in transparency. Hence we want you to know what phase of development your solution is in at any given time.


We understand that every detail of your business is important for you. Hence we always assure you complete protection by providing you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Your discussions and revelations with us, are strictly for us to analyse your business & any/all details shared are stored/retained by us.


At Alastrine, we use our company council to make internal decisions. Our flexible resource pools, partners and management processes like planning help us achieve great progress. We identify project managers suitable to the project & allocate resources accordingly. The experience of the leader shows the resultant solution come to light within stipulated time frame.


Kevin Pereira


Even though he’s an analyst he still manages to design everything he can get his hands on. He has a fervent drive for delivering the highest standard of work.

Ankit Gupta


A developer since his previous life believes in passion for work. He can put life into anything he develops as he does it with his whole (heart).

Arjun Prajapati

Business Development Officer

As a BDO it’s Arjun’s job to keep things running smoothly. He could plan, direct and organize his way through the Labryinth and come out the other side with a fresh plate of cookies he baked along the way.


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